Dayy 2 Tuesday

Well i think there are days that are bad but this day was a night mare …

First my swelling around the lips increased like hell, and then in the night out of blue suddenly my eyes started swelling aswell :( Guys this was much worst then you can imagine..

anyways its 11 :15 right now.. my eyes has come back to 70 % of the original shape but my lips are still swelling like hell..

Moving on … today some one shared a very A+ thing with me.. this is the same girl whom i asked some thing yesterday on which she got upset…. Girls You can never Understand whts going in there mind… :P

Moving on my MOM lost her cell phone today on the way to the Doc SAD :( BUT i am thinking to give her a new one once my acct balance reaches 200 K :) or even before that. I simply love my MOM and i cant see her tensed :)

Ok then Guys that was it.. Tommorrow is my Mom and Dad 26th Anniversary, I will let you know about it tommorrow :)

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