Day 1

Hmmm so today I will start a 20 days long jurney of writting a blog every day..
Just wanted to do things through which I can control my self in a better way and writting these entires is a way of doing it

So today is Monday normal day at the college ;)
but today I covered up many things which were lagging behind for mobile60 so a drastic change will appear this week on the site

and yes one of my sweetest friend has adopted my way of communication thts is using email

So guys if there is an important thing you want to tell me then email it to me and u will get a faster reply from me :) bt don’t spam me :P

Anyways till now I am unable to understand girls..
If a girl wants to talk adult things then it’s ok but if a boy wishes to talk something like that then they fell bad, are kabhi hamare bare me bhi to socho.. Daam girls..

But from all this I have understood one thing clearly even if a girl says no to something there is a big Yes behind it aswell…
Anyways it’s 11:50 pm right now and I have to read a whole experiment right now.. So have say gud bye for today to every one…
Gdnt sweet dreamz..

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