How i want to Die

Death some say it’s the end of life, for others it’s a beginning of a new life, but one thing is for sure no one have ever escaped it.

Today looking at someone closest to my heart on his death bed waiting for the angels to come and take away his sufferings i was forced to think, how i want to die.

He is old, he is weak & he is in pain and the truth that i can’t help him is eating me from inside. Why he deserve this pain, In fact why anyone deserve a slow suffering painful death.

I don’t know when death is going to hunt me down, But the day it does i want it to be Quick & without any pain or suffering.

I know to some it might sounds negative, But trust me i am being optimistic here.

What benefit will a last extra 2 to 3 months of pain & suffering bring in your life when all this time you were sitting & waiting for things to happen?

According to me “Death is the biggest Motivation”.

Live every day thinking that if it’s the last month of your life then how will you spend this day.

Make a list & stick to it & this time you have to stick to it because it’s your last chance.

All your excuses, Will do it from tomorrow, I am not felling well today are long gone because tomorrow might not be there.

So for me a short health life is far more better then living a long un healthy life

“Add Life To Your Days, Not Days To Your Life.”

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