Day 2

Hi Guys Its 3 am right now ;)

But still i am gona keep up my promise… So Today was a usual day.. Cant say it was not productive but yet i could have done lot of more things that i did nt .

Guys i have an idea. My major mistake is that i dont have a target for each day, and till the time you dont have a goal you will not achieve it..

So lets do another change in my life

Making Plans Every Day.

Each Day I will get Up.. Wash My Face Take God Name And then Make a plan.

Even if it sounds easy Guys trust me its gona be really hard on me. But i have to start doing it.

So Wake Up –> Wash My Face —> Pray to God —–> Make a Plan :) The Plan should include task and time for that task

Ok then Guys thts all for today hope i can do it tommorrow will tell you about it tommorrow And On a second thought there is nothing to hope about i am gona Do it :)
BTW today i talked to my panipat friend that i mentioned yesterday. ;)

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