Day 1

Ok i am to bad in keeping up my promisses and my friends now about this :P hmmso i am apart of my shedule of writting every day for nxt 20 days … But i am gona start it all over again and till the time i dont achieve this goal i am stick to it… :)

So talking of today.. nothing much special Mobile60 is going on the right paths … have big dreams about and i will surely try and achieve it…

Will start reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Today So i will take a leave now.. Ahhh BTW today i went to FB wanted to say hi to ma friend from panipat but could not find her Online :( To bad haa.. misssed her from a fraction of SEC..

Chalo will catch her some day for sure..

and btw wana wish Himanshu And her Sister on her WEDDING  —-  MAY GoD give her all the Happiness in the WORL including TAPAN JIJU  :)

Ok then Cya Tc… Bubye..

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