How i want to Die

Death some say it’s the end of life, for others it’s a beginning of a new life, but one thing is for sure no one have ever escaped it.

Today looking at someone closest to my heart on his death bed waiting for the angels to come and take away his sufferings i was forced to think, how i want to die.

He is old, he is weak & he is in pain and the truth that i can’t help him is eating me from inside. Why he deserve this pain, In fact why anyone deserve a slow suffering painful death.

I don’t know when death is going to hunt me down, But the day it does i want it to be Quick & without any pain or suffering.

I know to some it might sounds negative, But trust me i am being optimistic here.

What benefit will a last extra 2 to 3 months of pain & suffering bring in your life when all this time you were sitting & waiting for things to happen?

According to me “Death is the biggest Motivation”.

Live every day thinking that if it’s the last month of your life then how will you spend this day.

Make a list & stick to it & this time you have to stick to it because it’s your last chance.

All your excuses, Will do it from tomorrow, I am not felling well today are long gone because tomorrow might not be there.

So for me a short health life is far more better then living a long un healthy life

“Add Life To Your Days, Not Days To Your Life.”

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Day 3

Helooo Every one.
So Day 3 haaa its 6 in the morning, (i went to bed quit early ) so i am writing my blog in the morning .. Cant miss a Day.
Ok So i just have 1 hr left and i have to do a lot of stuff for my Viva and Practical So will make this short.
And who all are wondering about my promise that i made ain ma last Entry .. Yes i have been doing thoes stuff but it have been only 2 days so i want to wait and if i can carry it further

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Day 2

Hi Guys Its 3 am right now ;)

But still i am gona keep up my promise… So Today was a usual day.. Cant say it was not productive but yet i could have done lot of more things that i did nt .

Guys i have an idea. My major mistake is that i dont have a target for each day, and till the time you dont have a goal you will not achieve it..

So lets do another change in my life

Making Plans Every Day.

Each Day I will get Up.. Wash My Face Take God Name And then Make a plan.

Even if it sounds easy Guys trust me its gona be really hard on me. But i have to start doing it.

So Wake Up –> Wash My Face —> Pray to God —–> Make a Plan :) The Plan should include task and time for that task

Ok then Guys thts all for today hope i can do it tommorrow will tell you about it tommorrow And On a second thought there is nothing to hope about i am gona Do it :)
BTW today i talked to my panipat friend that i mentioned yesterday. ;)

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Day 1

Ok i am to bad in keeping up my promisses and my friends now about this :P hmmso i am apart of my shedule of writting every day for nxt 20 days … But i am gona start it all over again and till the time i dont achieve this goal i am stick to it… :)

So talking of today.. nothing much special Mobile60 is going on the right paths … have big dreams about and i will surely try and achieve it…

Will start reading Rich Dad Poor Dad Today So i will take a leave now.. Ahhh BTW today i went to FB wanted to say hi to ma friend from panipat but could not find her Online :( To bad haa.. misssed her from a fraction of SEC..

Chalo will catch her some day for sure..

and btw wana wish Himanshu And her Sister on her WEDDING  —-  MAY GoD give her all the Happiness in the WORL including TAPAN JIJU  :)

Ok then Cya Tc… Bubye..

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Dayy 2 Tuesday

Well i think there are days that are bad but this day was a night mare …

First my swelling around the lips increased like hell, and then in the night out of blue suddenly my eyes started swelling aswell :( Guys this was much worst then you can imagine..

anyways its 11 :15 right now.. my eyes has come back to 70 % of the original shape but my lips are still swelling like hell..

Moving on … today some one shared a very A+ thing with me.. this is the same girl whom i asked some thing yesterday on which she got upset…. Girls You can never Understand whts going in there mind… :P

Moving on my MOM lost her cell phone today on the way to the Doc SAD :( BUT i am thinking to give her a new one once my acct balance reaches 200 K :) or even before that. I simply love my MOM and i cant see her tensed :)

Ok then Guys that was it.. Tommorrow is my Mom and Dad 26th Anniversary, I will let you know about it tommorrow :)

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Day 1

Hmmm so today I will start a 20 days long jurney of writting a blog every day..
Just wanted to do things through which I can control my self in a better way and writting these entires is a way of doing it

So today is Monday normal day at the college ;)
but today I covered up many things which were lagging behind for mobile60 so a drastic change will appear this week on the site

and yes one of my sweetest friend has adopted my way of communication thts is using email

So guys if there is an important thing you want to tell me then email it to me and u will get a faster reply from me :) bt don’t spam me :P

Anyways till now I am unable to understand girls..
If a girl wants to talk adult things then it’s ok but if a boy wishes to talk something like that then they fell bad, are kabhi hamare bare me bhi to socho.. Daam girls..

But from all this I have understood one thing clearly even if a girl says no to something there is a big Yes behind it aswell…
Anyways it’s 11:50 pm right now and I have to read a whole experiment right now.. So have say gud bye for today to every one…
Gdnt sweet dreamz..

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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